With only 3 years of existence, startup Opala Studios already stands out in the world of games with the application Super Pads.

Super Pads is a music application in which users can learn to play known hits and also create their own rhythms through pads – buttons that reproduce different sounds and beats.

Similar to a DJ controller, Super Pads can be considered a musical instrument.

The big difference of the app is the frequency of content: the company puts new sound kits every day. In addition, there is a video tutorial on YouTube for each kit.

The app was launched in February 2017 and, after 3 months, it won 1st place in more than 50 countries in Google Play and App Store in the music games category. Today has more than 10 million downloads.

Multidisciplinary Team

Opala Studios and Grif Design, both from Curitiba, have made a successful partnership in developing the app. After the entry of Grif in the team, the Super Pads gained a repaginada in its layout and visual communication. This is the first partnership between the two companies, but they are already working on launching new music applications.

The complete team counts professionals from the area of design, programming and development, social media management and legal area.

Startup believes that this multidisciplinarity is fundamental to the long-term success of all projects.

Foto: À frente os designers da Grif Iosef Fagundes e Gregory Pinheiro, atrás o idealizador do projeto Tato Levicz e seu sócio Marcel Lima e na tela o programador Talles Borges

Growth on YouTube

The company has created the Super Pads channel on YouTube, where they post videos that teach how to play familiar songs with each kit released in the app.

What would only be a content support for the application, has become the biggest showcase of the startup. The channel has surpassed 750,000 subscribers in less than 6 months and has far above average engagement.

Music for everyone

Unlike other applications in the category, the idea of Super Pads is to simplify. With kits organized by color, the app can be used by people of any age, from children to adults who have never had contact with another musical instrument.

Still, the company is already working on the development of more complex kits to meet the most advanced users. In addition to this news, soon the app will have the function of recording and sharing.

Super Pads can be downloaded for free on Google Play and AppStore.

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Ana Loureiro

Ana Loureiro

Director of Social Media at Opala Studios