Design is one of the factors that can bring success to an application: I venture to say that one of the main of them. Of course, some apps have already stood out with nothing refined layouts, perhaps for functionality, lack of competition or even luck. But we can not deny that a nice and nice app takes us much more to click the “download” button, or even to see how it works.
After this point, it must be functional. A difficult to use application and understanding is quickly uninstalled. Consistency in visual design facilitates user interaction. One of the tips for having a consistent layout is to define a line of design and color for all menus within the app.

The choice of colors in Super Pads

If you still do not know our app, read this article here.

The purpose of Super Pads is to bring music in a fun way to the whole world. When talking about fun the first thing that comes to mind is working with many colors, and that’s what we did.

After launching the first version of the application, we found that many users spent consecutive hours playing, which caused dizziness and discomfort due to the intensity of the contrast. Then came the entry of the team in Super Pads, which repaginated the entire layout. In the update, in addition to the more modern look, the background of the screen was changed to graphite, which made the Super Pads much more pleasing to the eye.

Here’s the difference between the interface of the first version of the app and the current one:

“It is possible to work with colors and have a light and pleasant look.

We bet on a cleaner design with the use of icons

and minimalist fonts to be able to bring this.”

Iosef Fagundes


In addition to using colors as a visual identity, the Super Pads development team uses this feature to facilitate understanding of musical kits: each type of sound is separated by a color. For example, blue pads are always the loops of each kit.

Icons, a universal language

Using icons makes it easy to understand menus in any language. That was one of the things that changed when you noticed the user interactions – so it’s very important to focus on the support and to understand closely what’s happening.
When we think of translation, it seems simple to translate the word “information” into “information.” But we have to think that an app can quickly reach a worldwide audience that speaks the most different languages, including those that read from right to left, like Arabic, for example.
Is not it much safer to add an image that represents that meaning worldwide?

That’s why our menu has icons next to each item:

Motion design in applications

Nowadays with the launch of Lottie, a technology created by Airbnb’s motion design team, it is possible to export the animations created in After Effects to the mobile world. Basically what would have to be done in the past programming, now can be produced for an app only by Motion Designer.
This extends and facilitates the implementation of more lightly produced animations within an application.
Joining this facility to the thirst for new players, we launched the sale of skins inside the Super Pads. All skins are animated and bring a new user experience.

In less than a year, Super Pads has become a worldwide fever, reaching more than 30 countries. Kids, teens and even adults separate a part of the day to have fun playing their favorite songs. With so many active users, we’ve had gigantic feedback coming from all over the world: there are over 150,000 ratings on PlayStore and AppStore – plus feedback on social networks.

“Having such a high number of evaluations, we have discovered things beyond

of the perception we brought from the interaction design, UI and UX of the faculty

and clients with whom we have already worked, to listen to our thousands of

users of diverse cultures and different ways of dealing with the cell phone.

All of these feedbacks play an important role in the development of app.”

Gregory Pinheiro



Feedback received through the YouTube channel was instrumental in reshaping the visual identity and dynamics of video tutorials. The new format of these videos was shaped by the users’ own requests.
One of the lessons we can draw from our experience is that design is an area of extreme importance within an application. Listening to what users say and always seeking to bring news and improvements are things you should be aware of if you want to grow.

Ana Loureiro

Ana Loureiro

Director of Social Media at Opala Studios