Since early music is present in child development. For some parents, toys that make sounds may seem like just a hobby, but the truth is that they represent so much more in the learning of children.

Learning music stimulates the brain, memory, motor skills, intellectual, auditory, sensory and even speech. By being standards, music also helps a lot in mathematical reasoning and literacy. Several studies have found that children who play an instrument have more developed vocabulary and better arithmetic performance than children who have never had contact with any musical instrument.

Before the emergence of smartphones, learning to play something could be considered a privilege. It was necessary to have money to buy an instrument, to pay music lessons or to buy tutorial magazines – in the case of already literate apprentices. Now anyone can download apps that simulate musical instruments on phones and tablets.

This is the case of Super Pads, a free application that simulates a musical instrument. The app sounds sounds through separate colored squares in groups. Each pad kit is inspired by a famous song and features a video tutorial that teaches you how to play it.

Even inspired by familiar songs, children can play the instrument freely, creating their own rhythms. But it’s amazing to see how very young users, ages 4 and 5, are already beginning to learn the sequences and patterns of famous music.

“On social networks like YouTube and Instagram, we can see thousands of users sharing their performances with Super Pads, of all ages. We had a user who told us that in his free time his whole family meets in the living room and they dispute who can learn to play a particular song first. Another person told us that his brother, who has autism, interacts with the application and helped him a lot in concentration. We realize that Super Pads is an application that unites people and helps them in their musical development.”

Ana Loureiro

Director of Social Media at Opala Studios

Capacities that music helps to develop in children:

  • Motor coordination;
  • Creativity;
  • Memory;
  • Language;
  • Body language;
  • Communication;
  • Literacy and mathematical learning.

Sources: Revista Crescer e Revista Pais & Filhos.


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Ana Loureiro

Ana Loureiro

Director of Social Media at Opala Studios