How to connect Super Pads Lights to a Launchpad

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Hello Superpadders!

We created Super Pads Lights so you could experience how it feels to play a Launchpad through your smartphone or tablet. You can play our kits or create your own kits in a easy way but a cool thing is that you can create your own customized light effects inside of the app!

Beyond that, Super Pads Lights can be connected to a real Launchpad. If you have a Launchpad at home, check it out how easy it is to connect Super Pads Lights and play:

Launchpad MK2 MINI, Launchpad MK3 MINI, Launchpad S

These models are PLUG AND PLAY, connect any of them to your device and have fun!

Launchpad MK2

Launchpad MK2 is also PLUG AND PLAY. Make sure that the power supply is plugged in.

Launchpad PRO MK2

On Launchpad PRO MK2 hold down the SETUP button while pressing the FIRST PAD at the top left corner. The device will automatically get into LIVE MODE and you’ll be able to play.


On Launchpad X hold down the SESSION button while pressing the RECORD ARM button. Then tap the SESSION button 2X. The device will get into DEVELOPER MODE and you’ll be able to play.


On LAUNCHPAD MK3 PRO hold down the SETUP button and press the PRINT TO CLIP button.

  • It’s always better to have a usb splitter powering up your smartphone/tablet while it’s connected to a Launchpad. This way you’ll avoid power supply issues that may be causing your Launchpad to turn off.
  • Make sure your smartphone/tablet is up to date and any ENERGY SAVING MODE is turned off.
  • Feel free do contact us at anytime if you’re having issues: [email protected]

We hope you have an amazing experience and feel like a real DJ!


Super Pads Team.

Ana Loureiro

Ana Loureiro

Director of Social Media at Opala Studios