What is the likelihood of three guys who have gone on public tenders and gained financial stability to drop everything to work with apps together? It’s as unlikely as winning the lottery. But that’s what happened with the Opal Studios team.

Arthur and Saulo worked at Petrobras, Marcel at the Court of Justice of Paraná. Having such a job could be considered a dream come true for many people, and so was theirs – but for a time.

The first to drop everything was Arthur – or Tato. He always worked as a musician and was lead singer of the band Fuja Lurdes, in which Marcel was a drummer. They even got a contract signed with Universal Music, but the artistic career is not always – or better, almost never – a sea of ​​roses. The band’s dream ended and they went on to earn a living in a more traditional job.

Once he passed the Petrobras contest, Tato was believing that his life would change. He just had no idea of ​​the size of the change.

There, he met Saulo, who is also passionate about music. With common affinities, the two went from co-workers to good friends.

Tato began to study Control Engineering and Automation, while Saulo already had a degree in Electrical Engineering.

The meetings began to count on the presence of Marcel, in love with technology. It was not long before the three of them began to wonder about the universe of applications – Opal Studios was born. However, for fear of dipping their heads, they all kept their jobs.

Taking on 100% dedication to your business is already difficult. Imagine sharing the journey with another job. Of course the deal did not evolve. But Tato was sure of the potential of the applications and “kicked the bucket”: left Petrobras.

The story was not a fairy tale. It was almost 2 years until the application was born that would change the lives of all of them. In February 2017 Super Pads was released and in a few months it has conquered millions of users around the world. Following that, Marcel left the Court of Justice of Paraná, Saulo Petrobras, and today (after 6 months of launch) the Super Pads team has more than 15 people involved. People with restless minds need to be in constant challenge, which is rare in a bureaucratic job and full of pre-established processes.

In the photo, the team of Opala Studios in celebration of the 500 thousand enrolled in the YouTube channel of Super Pads. Today the channel has more than 800 thousand subscribers and is the largest channel of pads in the world.

There are those who dream of financial stability, regardless of their professional achievements. And there are those who believe in financial reward as a result of incredible work. This faith and restlessness led these three friends to turn the page to a life much more uncertain, but full of achievements.

Ana Loureiro

Ana Loureiro

Director of Social Media at Opala Studios