The startup of

Super Pads apps

Some Brazilians who are passionate about music, technology and design have come together. That's where the Opala Studios team was born, making the most fun music apps in the world!

We Believe in the power of music and we will work hard to spread it worldwide in a fun way

Geraldo NetoOpala Studios Team

Super Pads Lights

A Launchpad on your mobile phone

Super Pads

Become a DJ

Super Pads Drums

Feel like a drummer

Who gives life to the applications are the users, they really matter.

Every time we create a new app, we try to put ourselves in the users’ shoes to understand their needs. But doing it on your own can be kind of difficult.

That’s why we spend a lot of time and work on social networks, to talk to our followers and understand their needs. If you want to talk to us, send us a direct or inbox ­čśë
We are Opala Studios


Musical experiences for anyone

Intuitive Apps

Our applications are easy to use with friendly and intuitive interfaces.

Who uses it

Anyone can play famous songs with our apps. You do not have to be a musician or have a musical instrument, just have a smartphone or tablet.


Our YouTube channels feature video tutorials and performances for you to learn to play.

World’s Largest Channel

We have the biggest music app channel in the world. Come join this community, sign up!

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